Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Watch with Wonder Wednesday: "Waiting on the Road to Damascus"

So, I have now deemed Wednesday as "Watch with Wonder Wednesday" where i will be using primarily some source of multimedia each Wednesday! So here it goes:

I loved President Uchtdorf's talk in Conference "Waiting on the Road to Damascus". He says, "There are many who, for different reasons, find themselves waiting on the road to Damascus. They delay becoming fully engaged as disciples. They hope to receive the priesthood but hesitate to live worthy of that privilege. They desire to enter the temple but delay the final act of faith to qualify. They remain waiting for the Christ to be given to them like a magnificent Carl Bloch painting—to remove once and for all their doubts and fears.
The truth is, those who diligently seek to learn of Christ eventually will come to know Him. They will personally receive a divine portrait of the Master, although it most often comes in the form of a puzzle—one piece at a time. Each individual piece may not be easily recognizable by itself; it may not be clear how it relates to the whole. Each piece helps us to see the big picture a little more clearly. Eventually, after enough pieces have been put together, we recognize the grand beauty of it all. Then, looking back on our experience, we see that the Savior had indeed come to be with us—not all at once but quietly, gently, almost unnoticed.
This can be our experience if we move forward with faith and do not wait too long on the road to Damascus."

I know that as we step with Faith and move forward, relying on the small pieces and glimpses of Christ we have had, we will one day be able to put the pieces together and have the witness that we seek! We just have to rely on God and take it one step at a time. Don't Wait on the Road to Damascus, piece Christ together right now, in your life and in this puzzle!!
Play it below or follow this link!

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