Thursday, April 14, 2011

The Power of the Temple

Every Wednesday we have a meeting in Franklin, and last week we were up there a little early because of us giving some service, so we had the opportunity to walk around the temple before those with the keys to the church building arrived! It was a great experience! I had been stressing and really worried about some things, and the peace of the Temple came from just being on it's grounds! The peace of the temple is amazing!! These buildings truly are the House of the Lord! Here are some pictures from my experience!

It was a beautiful day with the Bright blue sky and the flowers blooming!

I would encourage all of you to visit the Temple and visit often! Member or not, you can still feel it's power by being on it grounds! Also, for those in the Tennessee area, you have a great opportunity to go inside a temple, before it is re-dedicated! The Atlanta Georgia Temple is having an open house this month! Go check it out, I know you can find happiness at the temple! For information on the open house click on the image below:


  1. Those are beautiful pictures!! I love the temple, too! The temple grounds are sacred. I used to walk around the ones in Mesa all the time to feel peace. I read the dedicatory prayer for the Mesa temple once, and the grounds had been dedicated to bless those who walked there to feel the Spirit.
    We are taking our kids to Atlanta next week. I am so excited!

  2. Thanks for that comment, just another testimony of the power of the temple grounds! Thanks so much for sharing! I am glad that you will have the chance to take your family to the open house, i still remember when I was younger and went to the open house of the Fresno CA Temple!!! It was a sacred experience!


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