Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Watch with Wonder Wednesday: Service Blesses lives

So, I am back in civilization with a working computer, so here is the post that I was planning to post on Wednesday!

I am sure that many of you have heard about the tornadoes that touched down here in the South and the destruction that they brought with them. This event has caused me to reflect on many things, but especially on service! Tuesday I had the opportunity to go serve at the Bishop's Storehouse (basically a food pantry), and it was a great feeling of joy and peace to help those in need. It made me think of the great effort that the church has put into helping those effected by the tornadoes. Members of the church in this area sacrificed their weekend last week and spent two days working non-stop to help clean up from this disaster. I found this article by the church on the efforts provided to those in need!

Mormon Helping Hands Pitch in to Aid Neighbors in Tornado-Ravaged Southern U.S.

“We have people coming from all
  over the South to help out,” 

“It is important to know that work provided will be free and these representatives will not be asking for any type of donations,”

One Recipient said to her helpers "Y'all look like
a bunch of squirrels running around with
chain saws. You're everywhere!"

“We know that selfless service is an important 
characteristic of followers of Christ. Mormon 
Helping Hands helps us give of our time and
talents to aid those in need, and there certainly 
is an immediate need,”

I know that the service these folks provided changed lives. And we too can do service to change lives, whether it's helping those effected by disaster, or simply giving someone a smile and a wave!

Check out the Church's new website to find ways to serve at You do NOT have to be a member in order to use this website, or serve! But if you are not a member, and would like to become one, let me know, and I can help you out! :)

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