Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Watch with Wonder Wednesday: Nashville Tribute Band

Who doesn't love music? Music brings great power to influence either for good or evil! There are many people that are blessed with the talent to play, sing or write music. Some of these people use their talents for evil, to drag us down to vanity, immorality and self doubt. However, as we know, there is opposition in all things (2 Nephi 2:11,) and their are those that bless us with their music. They build the desire in us to do good, praise God and keep His commandments through their inspired music. The Nashville Tribute band in one of these groups!!! Their music is wholesome, uplifting and spiritual!!

For those of you that live in the Nashville area, we will be blessed to have the opportunity to see them live!!! They will be having the following shows this weekend:

Friday, May 20 · 7:00 pm
Franklin, TN Stake Center
1100 Gray Fox Lane
Franklin, TN
Saturday, May 21 · 6:00pm
Madison, TN Stake Center
107 Twin Hills Drive
Madison, Tennessee
Sunday, May 22 · 7:00pm
McMinnville, TN Stake Center
562 Shangri La Lane
McMinnville, Tennessee
Check out more information about the Nashville Tribute Band:

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