Thursday, May 5, 2011

The Blessing of New Life!

Life is a gift from God, we are here to be tried and tested! We are here to prepare to return to live with God again (Alma 34:32), and we are here to have joy!(2 Nephi 2:25) Life does have a purpose! Joy is one of the wonderful things that this life should be full of! Many of the things that we do in life should bring joy!

Something that brings many people joy is new life! As a baby is brought into this world, it is a sacred experience! One that is filled with much love and joy! My Brother Jeremy, and his wife Jenna have had the great privilege to bring a new life into this world!!! Which also means that I now have a niece! It is an exciting thing for me, so I can only imagine how excited Jeremy and Jenna are to be new parents of a beautiful daughter! I am so happy for them and this new adventure in their lives!!

I am sure that this new baby will soon begin to love life and enjoy every minute of it! So should we enjoy our lives, no matter what happens, for we truly are children of God!!!

This isn't her, but will have to do.

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