Sunday, May 8, 2011

Sister's Sunday: The Key to Happiness!

Since this is a blog about dying for Happiness, maybe it would be good to know what the key to happiness is? So what is it? What is the key to happiness in your life?

Well, for me, one of the keys to happiness in my life is... yup you guessed it, my mother!!! My mom brought me into this great earth, and taught me the ways of living in the world today. She taught me how to serve, how to resist temptation, how to repent, how to live the gospel, how to cook, how to handle life, and most of all how to LOVE! My mother is one of the greatest examples of Christ like love. I mean, she has to be, she raised 5 boys for Pete's sake! She is an example of giving that never ceases! My mom was the Relief Society President in our ward for years, she was always busy helping others and never turned anyone away, and yet still had time to love me and be my mother! Then as she served as the seminary teacher, spending countless hours studying and preparing for her lesson, yet still dropping everything to help me with a problem I was having, or something I needed! She was always there to support every step of the way during my life. One thing that I highly respect of my mother, is that no matter how much she cared, and probably often wanted to make my choices for me, she taught me how to make difficult decision and live on my own, by allowing me to try and fail, as I often did! Then, tenderly loving me and guiding me back to where I needed to be! My mom is everything to me and one of the reasons why I am here on my mission! She is a constant strength to me, when something is hard, and I want to quit, I think of my mother, and then gain the courage and strength to continue!

One thing that I often remember doing with my mother is singing with her while she played the piano. I really miss those days! But in memory, I found this video, that I think is great!

Love ya Mom!!!


  1. Thank you Elder Dye. It is a joy to be your Mother. I'm thankful to have such wonderful sons who have all served the Lord in the Mission field. The church is true and I'm thankful you are sharing it with others. I pray that others will listen to the wonderful message you have to share.

  2. This is a very sweet post. When you were serving here we only heard the sweetest, most respectful things spoken about your mom. She sounds like a wonderful lady!

  3. Mom, I love you!!

    Thank you Jen, She is a wonderful lady!! I was so glad to get to talk to her on Sunday for Mother's Day!

  4. I know that your Mom is an incredible lady, because of who you are, Elder Dye. You will always be special to me, because it is through you that I will have the opportunity to spend the rest of eternity with my husband. You mentioned that if we could think of some topics that you could discuss in your blog to post them and so I thought I would suggest something. Richard is working on a Family Home Evening Lesson on Gardening and the Gospel. I think he is going to be using several parables, but other than that, i'm not sure. It would be interesting to see what you come up with and then compare them with what he comes up with. So if you get the opportunity, I would be interested in seeing it. Can't wait to see you again in October.

  5. Thank you so much Allisha, I will always cherish you and Richard, you have a special place in my heart! I know that Richard's leeson/parables will be much better than mine, But I will write one,and we will see what I can come up with!!!!
    I will be awaiting that blessed day to be with you and Richard in the Temple!! God bless you!!!


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