Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Spring is Here!


I love the Spring because I love the beauty it brings! The trees start to blossom and the animals appear again. Spring brings with it  great beauty and much happiness. Although spring is imminent so is the winter with its bitter cold and often destructive storms.

So it is with life! We have the winters and the trials, challenges, heartaches and headaches that they bring, but we also have the springs with the beauty, peace, happiness, growth and joy that they bring. Just as in nature that winter and spring always come, so it is with life, trials, and peace with both always come. If you are currently in a winter, the spring WILL come. If you are currently in a spring, prepare yourself now for the winter that is around the corner. As we face the winters in life with a good attitude we are able to see the spring sooner and it is able to be more glorious. The growth we see in ourselves is greater and the happiness is just delightful! I love the spring, in nature and in life, but I also love the winter. Even with the struggles and trials that the winter brings, much growth is able to be achieved. In a way winter is a cleansing, it kills and destroys all the unwanted things and then spring brings in the beauty and new fresh growth. So it is with trials, with the proper outlook we are able to let the things in life of less importance die and wither away, and begin to see the growth and blossoming of greater things in our lives. We are able to get closer to God and become more like Christ. As we come out of winter and into spring we need to have the future in mind, and prepare ourselves now for future storms in life. I know the winters are hard, but the springs are great!!!

Currently I would consider myself in a spring! The mission is a time of great growth and yes it does have it struggles, but I believe that they are showers that allow more growth and that bring beautiful flowers! There is so much happiness to be had in life, and I love being here on a mission to have great joy, and share that joy with others!

Whether you are currently in a winter or a spring in your life, make the most growth out of it that you can, and began to blossom into a true follower of Christ.

A talk is coming to mind that may help those encountering a winter: "Sunday will Come" Joseph B. Wirthlin.
For those in a spring here is an article on producing the most spiritual growth possible; "Nurturing Our Spiritual Growth: The Labor of a Lifetime."

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