Friday, March 11, 2011

Everyday We Grow

Each day we should strive to learn and grow. Yesterday I had a growing expeirence. So Elder Neubert, our Zone Leader, was down working with us. We went out walking in the afternoon, and no one we tried was home. So we went to our ward mission leader's home, and he said that he wanted to go see some people with us that night. So Elder Walker went with him, and Elder Neubert and I tried to see some people. We prayed and tried some people and prayed and tried some more people, and probably prayed a few more times, and tried a few more people, but no one was available to meet with us. So it was a time that Elder Neubert and I were able to talk. We discussed some of the struggles that I had been having and how to overcome them. The Spirit was strong and I learned and grew. So then we still had about an hour of the night left. We prayed yet again, but this time it was more sincere and more fervent. After the prayer Elder Neubert grabbed the binder we have with information about previous contacts missionaries have had in the past. As we looked through it there were 2 names that came out to us. We decided to travel the distance to where they were and try them even though it was already 8:20 at night. We did so, and had a great spiritual expeirence. We met a man who has recently had a life changing even in his life, and we were able to feel of his strong spirit and talk with him of the gospel. I hope it helped him a little, because the experience sure strengthened my testimony.

I know that Christ lives and loves us, and as we turn to Him each and everyday with open hearts and minds He will bless our lives and we will learn and grow!!


  1. Thank you Elder Dye for showing me that the Lord can help us not by taking away our trials, but by finding ways for us to overcome them. I think that it wasn't that you didn't pray fervently at first, instead I believe that our Heavenly Father knew that you needed to have time to talk, then he allowed you the inspiration to quickly find those in need. I was really touched by your story.

  2. Elder Dye I'm thankful for you and the great work that you're doing.Thanks for listening to the spirit and thank you for all the service that you've given too all of us ever since you started walking. We love and pray for you.Take care ,
    Bishop Morphy

  3. Thanks so much for both of your comments!
    Camie, I think your right, God knew what I needed that night, so He blessed me with the opportunity to have the spiritual pep talk, and then topped it off with a great blessing of finding someone ready for the Gospel. I love how God works, and knows what is the best for us!!!

    Bishop Morphy, I was excited to hear you are Bishop now! I know that you will do great and bless a lot of peoples lives! Keep up the good work!

    God Bless you both!!


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