Tuesday, March 22, 2011

"For Whom I Love I Also Chasten."

So Friday, we had an amazing experience while we were in a training to become better missionaries! My attitude wasn't the best at the beginning, I felt like they were trying to make me something I wasn't and something I didn't really want to become. We then got some time to be alone and pray and study to see what we needed to do individually to become better. I now cherish that time that we had so much. So when I got into the room by myself I felt like I should pray, so I did so, and then I had the prompting to flip open the Book of Mormon. I opened to 4 Nephi Chapter 1 and started reading. As I got to verses 29 through 34 I realized why I was lead to these scriptures. I was at that time like the non-believers, hardening my heart and denying the power of what did and could happen in the trainings. As I was pondering on that I felt like i needed to flip open the Doctrine and Covenants and see what happened, so I did. I opened to Doctrine and Covenants section 95. At first I wondered how this could apply to me, since it was a revelation to the Saints of the church at the time about not building the temple. So I almost just closed it and tried it again thinking, "well that didn't work this time." But then I decided to just read it anyways. As I read verses 1 through 3, I knew it was the scripture that I needed yet again. I knew at that moment that God did love more and that this experience was for em to learn and to grow. For pride is a "grievous sin" and I was guilty. I know that God will have a humble people, and we will all have humbling experiences in our lives! (see Deuteronomy 8:2) As I left the room and went back to the training, I had the attitude I needed and throughout the training I then received much needed revelation for how I need to improve!  It was an amazing spiritual experience!

Allow the Lord to chasten you, "For whom I love I also chasten." (D&C 95:1) It will turn out to be a great experience and you will be happier in life!

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  1. Thank you for these verses. I love your honesty. Makes me feel normal. Darla


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