Monday, July 11, 2011

Dying for Happiness: The Younger Days

In 1991 there was a young couple who were about to have their fifth child. There were some complications and the child decided to be stubborn and want to be different. He would not turn in order to come out of his mom in the proper natural way. The father of the child laid hands on his wife and by the Priesthood of God which he held, gave her a blessing. There were many people who told this man to bless that the child would turn in order to come out properly, however, in the blessing the father was inspired to say that the child would do what was best for him and his mother. On the morning of January 18 a beautiful baby boy was born, by cesarean section. At the time of birth the mother lost a lot of blood due to the bursting of a vein. Doctors said that if it had not been for that stubborn baby boy, the mother's life would have been in great danger, and could have easily died. Due to the power of priesthood that the young father held, the boy and mother were both alright. Today that boy is 20, still stubborn, and by the same Priesthood that his father held on a mission to preach the gospel to all he can.
Yes, that stubborn little boy was me!

As you can tell from that account, I have always had the gospel in my life, and the priesthood has always been close to my heart! I was raised in the church, and taught often by my parents of the truthfulness of the gospel, and the blessings that come from keeping the commandments of God. Growing up, the gospel was always a big part of my life. We took time to be together and teach each other of the importance of the Gospel. Yes we did it at specific times likes family prayer and family home evening, but we also did it every day. In everything we did we taught each other! Living the gospel was a joy for me, I loved the spirit and happiness that I felt and how close I was with my family!

Another way I learned of the gospel was at course at church! I loved primary and particulary loved singing the songs! I learned many valuable lessons from those simple songs. One of my favorite is A Child's Prayer, which teaches that Heavenly Father hears and answers our prayers.

When I turned eight, I was baptized by my father who holds the Priesthood of God. I don't remember much about that day, but I know that I was happy and peaceful! I also received the gift of the Holy Ghost, which was a huge help in my life.

Even from a young age, I knew that God was there, and I knew that the Gospel brought me happiness!

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